It is high time to re-think our current policy-making in the European Union.


In view of an overhaul of our unsustainable development model, the Post-Growth 2018 Conference brings stakeholders together to explore alternative policies. We wish to challenge the EU institutions that do not seem to be aware of the dramatic changes in the policy making that are urgently needed.


‘Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist’
– Kenneth Boulding

The words of economist Kenneth Boulding are now more timely than ever. We are surrounded by the attractive visions of ‘sustainable growth’, ‘green growth’ and promising technological solutions to environmental problems and other negative outcomes our societies produce. However, we don’t dare to name the one we should blame – growth.

Although we have greatly benefited from economic growth, the continuous pursuit of growth and ranking GDP as the primary measure of development are criticised even by top-rank economists. Climate scientists have suggested that even the Paris Agreement will not suffice to tackle climate change – we need to start thinking about a post-growth future.


And why?

… because circular economy can only work to a limited extent

… because improving energy efficiency has not decreased our energy consumption – in many cases the opposite

… because ‘decoupling’ economic growth from carbon emission growth is not enough to slow down global warming

… because inequality has been on the rise for decades, which worries even the rich 1 percent

… because our growth relies on debt and financial markets, prone to bubbles and collapses – but the system could be designed differently


Be part of the journey to the post-growth future and join the debate.


Hungry for more?

The Post-Growth 2018 Conference in Brussels is part of a series of international conferences on post-growth. This year, the 6th International Degrowth Conference is held on 21-25 August 2018 in Malmö, Sweden. The aim of these bi-annual conferences is to present the recent academic research on degrowth to nurture a scientific debate on the topic. This year, the theme ‘Dialogues in turbulent times’ invites to expand the degrowth debate into Nordic and Middle Eastern contexts, and also to build bridges between degrowth and other scientific schools.

On 4-6 September 2018, the discussion continues at the 1st North-South Conference on Degrowth-Descrecimiento in México City. This event is an important step to create more links between degrowth movements in the different parts of the globe. Through the slogan ‘Decolonizing the social imaginary’ the conference will offer a rich variety of sessions, the three principal themes being survival, culture and wealth. 

Discussion on post-growth, degrowth and policies beyond GDP is vivid also in the social media. Join the debate on Twitter and other platforms – these topics are here to stay.